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Energize shoulder Rehab

Standing Device

Versatile Technology to Support Your Recovery

Kick off shoulder rehab with the Titin Humero Tech S1, a powerful blend of strength-building technology and performance-tracking data. This standing-model shoulder device is great for users looking to “get on and go” with shoulder recovery. The S1 uses dynamic resistance engineering to help strengthen the shoulder. It also monitors users’ activity in real-time with advanced sensor technology to show progress at every stage of the game. If you’re looking for a device that adapts to meet your goals for shoulder strengthening, look no further than the Humero Tech S1.

Track Your Progress Step-By-Step

Rehab with a Plan

Recovering from a shoulder injury can feel like a constant uphill climb rather than a straight path. If you can’t measure your progress through rehab, how do you know if you are reaching your recovery goals? Our device helps smooth the road ahead by giving you the ability to monitor your work and track your growth from day one. Our motion sensors track your movements throughout your workout and give you an in-depth analysis of your efforts at the end of each session. Step into shoulder rehab with a plan and get back in the game with the Humero Tech S1.

Humero Tech s1


Advanced Sensor Technology

Digital and optical sensors track a user’s exercises and assist in pinpointing any areas of improvement. The device uses 3-dimensional strength and range of motion mapping to log a user’s progression.

Straightforward Metrics

Our high-resolution color display helps guide users through directed exercises then supplies a statistical analysis of sessions. Performance metrics are uploaded to a secure server, which you can access remotely for additional monitoring.

Versatile Arm Attachment

Channel isolated muscles by adjusting the arm components to new positions for different exercises, including throwing, climbing, or swimming motions.

Fluid Motion Movement & Resistance

The device’s iterative feedback hydraulic resistance mechanism allows for virtually drag-free, fluid movement that is repeatable and balanced through sessions.

Personalize Your Device

Show your company or team’s spirit by customizing the device’s tower and cover to feature your signature colors, graphics, and logo.

Usability for Left and Right Shoulder

The device can be used ambidextrously. This allows for independent seclusion of ambidextrous and independent seclusion of the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis muscles.

Easy to Transport

The device’s attached wheels and folding capabilities let you take your device on the go.

Humero Tech S1



72in x 52in x 45in (Length, Width, Height)



Rotator Cuff Exercise Equipment in Use
Titin KM Biomedical Humero Tech S1 Detail
  • Stand, Get Set, & Go with the Humero Tech S1

The Humero Tech S1 is excellent support for those who want to customize their rehab sessions with exercises that help them reach their personal strengthening goals. Still have questions about the S1? Check out our FAQs or speak to one of our professionals today.

  • How is the Humero Tech S1 different than the C1?

The Humero Tech S1 is a standing model device that can mainly be used by those wanting a friendly “plug and play” device for shoulder recovery. It’s a very active device that allows for a wider range of motion than the Humero Tech C1.

  • What kind of exercises can I do on the Humero Tech S1?

The S1 is very flexible, so it can help support a variety of shoulder exercises. This may include repeating motions done in climbing, pitching, and swimming exercises.

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