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Shoulder injuries are one of the most common ailments adults face. In the field of athletics, shoulder injuries are just as common, with many sports requiring frequent and intense shoulder movement. To better care for patients and athletes, care providers, trainers, coaches, and PTs need technology that not only helps patients build their shoulder strength but actually see the results of their efforts. Titin’s shoulder devices fulfill the rehab needs of a wide variety of industries, from medical fields to athletics departments. Check out the range of industries our shoulder devices can help support, and learn more about our innovative technology.

Athletic Industries


Our advanced strength-building technology can help keep athletes strong and well conditioned. Track every player’s progress with dynamic, in-action metrics.


Shoulder injuries are common for baseball players in almost any position. Our devices help support shoulder rehab and include an arm attachment for throwing exercises.


Shoulder dislocations are one of the top injuries football players suffer from. A high-contact sport deserves highly-advanced technology to support injury recovery.


Shooting, blocking, and passing can often cause shoulder muscle strains for basketball players. Our devices can help support the rehab and strengthening of shoulder muscles.


Hockey players often face shoulder dislocations and muscle strains. Our devices help support injury recovery with flexible arm attachments and strength-building engineering.

College Athletics

Help set student-athletes up for success with our game-changing technology. Our devices can help support shoulder strength-building, and tangible metrics show athletes the results of their exercises.

High School Athletics

Invest in your students’ health and futures with our cutting-edge shoulder devices. Show them early on how to monitor the results of their exercises with direct data.

Athletic Trainers

Better care for your athletes’ shoulder needs with top-of-the-line strength-building engineering and progress-tracking data.

Gym/Fitness Centers

Keep your clients cared for and coming back for more rehab sessions with our cutting-edge shoulder recovery technology.

Medical Industries


Keep up with the constantly evolving field of post-acute care with our advanced shoulder rehabilitation devices.


Monitor your patients’ progress as they work through shoulder rehabilitation exercises with our customizable technology.


Following shoulder repair or total replacement surgery, our revolutionary devices can help support patients on their road to recovery.

PT Clinics

With our shoulder devices, you can provide your patients with impactful data that shows them the results of their therapy sessions.

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