TitinKM to Exhibit at the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) Private Practice Annual Conference and Exhibition in Austin, Texas November 2-5.

Jun 6, 2023 | News

TitinKM Biomedical will be participating in the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) annual meeting, which is a significant event for physical therapists. This meeting offers an excellent platform to showcase TitinKM’s Humero C1 Shoulder Device and its benefits to the attendees.

With a booth at the event, TitinKM Biomedical will demonstrate the features and capabilities of the Humero C1 to the physical therapists who attend. Since these attendees are decision-makers for their businesses, this presents a valuable opportunity to showcase how the device can benefit their physical therapy and rehabilitation practices.

By highlighting the advantages and unique selling points of the Humero C1, TitinKM Biomedical can effectively communicate how it can enhance the quality of care and outcomes for patients in physical therapy for the shoulder. It’s an excellent opportunity to engage with professionals in the industry and generate interest in our innovative shoulder device.

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