The Minds Behind the Innovation

Meet The Titin KM Biomedical Team

From medical experts and elite athletes to engineering masterminds and everything in-between, Titin KM has a team dedicated to improving the healthcare scene.

Titin KM Biomedical is an innovative company headquartered in the picturesque Bozeman, Montana that aims to progress the landscape of medicine. Titin KM boasts a strong team that spans multiple professions; from medicine to engineering, there are many incredible minds constantly collaborating.

Photograph of Kole Mickolio
Dr. Kole Mickolio D.O, MSc
Co-Founder, Chairman, CEO
Photograph of Kam Mickolio in Field
Kam Mickolio
Co-Founder, Board Of Directors
Photograph of Austin Johnson MD, PHd.
Dr. Austin Johnson M.D, PhD
Board Of Directors
Photograph of Cynthia Ekberg Tsai
Cynthia Tsai
Board Of Directors
Photograph of Rory Maughan
Rory Maughan
Chief Operational Officer
Mark Longfellow
Board Of Directors
Photograph of Chadd Sukut With Mountain Range in Back
Dr. Chadd Sukut M.D
Board Of Directors
Photograph of Gavin Mathis MPSc.
Gavin Mathis MPSC
Board Of Directors
Dr. Court Zollinger DPT
Chief Medical Officer
Jordan Restifo
Chief Software Officer
Rick White
Vice President of Sales

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