Humero Tech Applications

Multidisciplinary Technology for Shoulder Management

Discover how the Humero Tech C1 can take shoulder rehabilitation and performance to the next level. Whether it be rehabilitating an injury or performing a strength and conditioning program, the device has applicability in a plethora of settings.


Hockey players often face shoulder dislocations and muscle strains. Our devices help support injury recovery with flexible arm attachments and strength-building engineering.

High School Athletics

Invest in your students’ health and futures with our cutting-edge shoulder devices. Show them early on how to monitor the results of their exercises with direct data..

Atheletic Trainers

Better care for your athletes’ shoulder needs with top-of-the-line strength-building engineering and progress-tracking data.

Medical Industries


Monitor your patients’ progress as they work through shoulder rehabilitation exercises with our customizable technology.


Following shoulder repair or total replacement surgery, our revolutionary devices can help support patients on their road to recovery.
Physical Therapists

Reinvigorate your approach to shoulder rehabilitation with advanced technology


Use the Humero Tech C1 to define Dynamic Strength

Sports Medicine

Don’t let shoulder injuries prolong or prevent an athlete’s return to competition

Revolutionize Your Practice

Discover how Humero Tech products are transforming the healthcare industry by providing advanced solutions for shoulder rehabilitation and performance. 

Cutting-Edge Technology

Experience the power of the Humero Tech C1, a revolutionary device that combines constant resistance and precise sensor technology to enhance shoulder injury rehabilitation.

Optimize Patient Outcomes

Make data-driven decisions and improve patient outcomes with the Humero Tech C1. Track performance, customize exercise programs, and enhance shoulder health.

A Multitude of Applications

Industries We Serve

Kole and male athlete working through exercise on Humero Tech C1®
A New Form of Physical Therapy for Shoulders

At TitinKM, we are revolutionizing the physical therapy industry with our innovative Humero Tech products.

Titin C1 Model Product in use
Patient Outcomes Are Positively Improved

Getting patients out of pain with improved range of motion is exactly what our device does.

Shoulder Recovery Results That Last!

We are seeing practices improve the lives of their patients every day. Contact us to learn more.