Innovation for Restoration

The Titin Vision

Our Vision

Empower Patients with Cutting-Edge Technology

Titin’s vision is to use our groundbreaking technology to create positive change in patients’ lives. We seek to offer refreshed hope and options for shoulder injury recovery. Our team aims to redefine the orthopedic, physical therapy, and sports medicine industries with technology that places patients’ goals and welfare first.

Our Mission

Design the Future of Injury Recovery

Our aim is to create impactful technology that revolutionizes recovering from debilitating shoulder injuries. We value individual well-being, so we use our years of expertise to enable people to reach their fitness and healing goals, reclaim their power, and work towards recovery.

You’re at the center of all we do

Our Values

Innovate with Care in Mind

We know from firsthand experience how painful injury recovery is. We strive to leverage our expertise to design state-of-the-art technology that provides better patient care.

Inspire one another to be their best

Our aim is to equip everyone—whether that be a patient, physical therapist, or fellow team member— to reach their goals and create positive change in their own life and the lives of others.

Integrity Always

We’re a team with strong moral principles, and we don’t compromise on our values. We strive to be upfront and honest to provide superior services and build strong relationships.

Let’s Get Started

The Game Plan

Start shoulder treatment off strong with Titin on your side.

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