Transforming Football Training and Recovery with Humero Tech C1

Get back to throwing touchdown-worthy spirals with the Humero Tech C1. Support shoulder health for both rehabilitation and maintenence. With powerful strength-building mechanics and sensors that track efforts in real-time, players can start rushing toward recovery with an actionable data-driven plan.
We are revolutionizing football training, rehabilitation, recovery, and on-field performance.

Revolutionize Shoulder Health & Performance for Football Players

Design meaningful treatment plans to meet the specific demands of football. Track your progress in real-time and achieve optimal shoulder health.


Individual exercises pre-loaded with every machine. Design other to meet the demands of football.

Advanced Technology for Sports Training and Recovery

Humero Tech C1

Looking for help isolating and targeting individual muscles in the shoulder but want to retain the ability to train large functional patterns? Look no further than this seated shoulder device! The Humero Tech C1 has adjustable elbow and wrist positioning components so trainers can customize the setup to fit each player’s recovery and strengthening needs.
Key Features
Dynamic Resistance Technology
Customizable Exercise Programs
Real-Time Performance Tracking
Joint Function and Stability
Objective Data Analysis
56in x 36in x 56in (Length, Width, Height)
60 lbs.


In football, the shoulder is one of your players’ greatest assets. Shoulder tears and strains are common injuries in this intense sport and take players off the field for months. Given the high injury risk, you need to accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of each player’s shoulder to determine whether they’re ready to get back in the game.
Titin KM’s shoulder devices can help facilitate this process by linking strength-building mechanics to sensor technology. You can tangibly monitor every player’s shoulder health over time by tracking how much resistance their shoulder can bear in each session.

Transforming Football Training and Recovery with Humero Tech

Discover how Humero Tech solutions are revolutionizing football training and rehabilitation, accelerating recovery, and enhancing on-field performance.

We Do Better for Injured Athletes

Our goal at Titin KM Biomedical is to create a better future for baseball players with shoulder injuries. Our founders, Kam and Kole Mikolio, had their professional baseball careers cut short due to shoulder injuries. Both endured painful rehabilitation processes that failed to show tangible improvement and progress. Based on their experiences, they decided to create cutting-edge shoulder rehabilitation technology that revolutionizes how physical therapists, trainers, and athletes approach shoulder recovery.
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