The Technology and Features of the Humero Tech C1

Decisions Driven by Data

Whether using the C1 for shoulder rehabilitation or performance, a lack of objective data will no longer be a problem. Whether determining the dynamic strength of a shoulder motion or exercises completed by date, the C1 is up for the challenge.

Live Movement Tracking

Incorporate visual feedback with all exercise completion as the C1 tracks and displays movements in real time

Strength Redefined

Define strength in a more functional way by assessing the dynamic strength of shoulder motions

Record Keeping

Easily reference a user’s sessions, exercises, and metrics completed on the C1 in the digital profiles

Abundant Exercise Selection

Enjoy the ability to use pre-loaded exercises and programs or create custom versions

Take Shoulder Rehabilitation and Performance to the Next Level

Use our cutting-edge technology to provide a superior experience

Advanced Technology for Shoulder Rehabilitation and Performance

Humero Tech C1