Physical Therapy

Transforming Physical Therapy Clinics with the Humero Tech C1

Discover how Titin KM is revolutionizing the landscape of physical therapy clinics, empowering therapists and enhancing patient recovery.

Advanced Technology for Sports Training and Recovery

Humero Tech C1

Looking for help isolating and targeting individual muscles in the shoulder but want to retain the ability to train large functional patterns? Look no further than this seated shoulder device! The Humero Tech C1 has adjustable elbow and wrist positioning components so trainers can customize the setup to fit each player’s recovery and strengthening needs.

Elevating Shoulder Rehabilitation and Performance

Now is the time to revolutionize the equipment used for shoulder rehabilitation and performance. Take your management of shoulder pathology to the next level by utilizing this cutting-edge technology.

Organized and Easily Accessible

Patients using the Humero Tech C1 will have their own profile for fast & easy record keeping

Data Meticulously Tracked

Easily reference all activities and recorded objective data completed on the C1

Pushing the Boundaries

Use the C1 to rehabilitate shoulder injuries free from the limitations of currently used equipment