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Enhancing Athletic Training & Rehabilitation at the Collegiate Level

Discover how Titin KM solutions are revolutionizing athletic training and rehabilitation at the collegiate level. Our cutting-edge technology is fostering recovery and propelling performance.

Revolutionize Shoulder Rehabilitation for College Athletes

Experience data-driven and personalized rehabilitation plans tailored to meet the needs of your college athletes. With real-time progress tracking, you can monitor your performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize athlete's return to the game.

Advanced Technology for Sports Training and Recovery

Humero Tech C1

Looking for help isolating and targeting individual muscles in the shoulder but want to retain the ability to train large functional patterns? Look no further than this seated shoulder device! The C1 has adjustable elbow and wrist positioning components so trainers can customize the setup to fit each player’s recovery and strengthening needs.

Key Features
Dynamic Resistance Technology
Customizable Exercise Programs
Real-Time Performance Tracking
Joint Function and Stability
Objective Data Analysis
56in x 36in x 56in (Length, Width, Height)
60 lbs.

Elevate Care for Your Schools Athletes

Learn how to incorporate Humero Tech products into your Athletic care.