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Revamp your approach to shoulder health with TitinKM’s one-of-a-kind technology. Our cutting-edge biomedical device allows providers to assess a patient’s active range of motion of the shoulder as well as generate power measurements for shoulder motions—all on one machine. Our premier device, the Humero Tech C1®, allows for rehabilitation of shoulder pathologies, strengthening and conditioning of the shoulder complex, and tracking the recovery process with easy-to-read data.

Humero Tech C1® Machine

Humero Tech C1®

Key Features

  Maintain constant omnidirectional resistance

  Shoulder joint isolation through various external supports

  Perform single or multiplanar activities

  Ability to perform simple or dynamic functional movements

  Target key muscles for optimal shoulder stability

  Objective power measurements for shoulder motions with sensor technology

  Track patient data over time with precise metrics

  Streamline clinical processes and billing

  Utilize new billing codes to increase revenue

About TitinKM

We Bolster Outcomes with Powerful Technology, Tangible Metrics & Objective Data

Objective data is essential if you want to ensure success with shoulder rehabilitation. We go beyond resistance bands and dumbells by helping improve shoulder strength and stability while demonstrating patient progress in applicable data. TitinKM is revolutionizing shoulder rehabilitation, strengthening, and conditioning.

Seated Device

Humero Tech C1®

This seated-model device is a powerful addition to any clinic with its convenient, multi-purpose features. The Humero Tech C1®’s sensor technology provides quantifiable, in-depth data to inform your decisions for the management of the shoulder. Patients can maintain constant omnidirectional resistance, target key muscles for joint strength and stability, and follow predefined or customized protocols.

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