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Recover with power and a plan with Titin’s cutting-edge shoulder device. Our powerful, patent-pending technology helps support recovery from shoulder injuries. With direct data that tracks your progress in real-time, our game-changing device empowers patients to take informed, purposeful steps toward recovery. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Exceed Goals with Powerful Technology & Tangible Metrics

Shoulder rehabilitation is a marathon, not a sprint. Rehab can last for months, and patients often don’t get solid data behind their progress. Our ground-breaking device changes the game. Titin breathes life back into the shoulder recovery process with impactful data and dynamic, strength-building technology.

The Titin shoulder device helps streamline recovery from shoulder injuries and aims to redefine the standard rehab process. By combining fluid-motion technology with in-depth metrics, Titin can help build strength and track the results of rehab. Unlike rubber bands and dumbbells, our technology actually shows patients their progress, helps improve their shoulder strength, and supplies data to aid them in making informed decisions about recovery.

Standing Device

Humero Tech S1®

Regaining strength requires quality tools that actually help patients recover, not slow them down. Our standing shoulder device uses advanced strength-building technology to help support and strengthen the shoulder while allowing equal range of motion of the shoulder joint. You can easily customize the device to fit different exercise needs—no need for resistance bands and hand weights. You can easily track patients’ progress with direct, interactive data to make informed decisions for the next rehab session.

Seated Device

Humero Tech C1®

Titin’s seated shoulder device is a solid addition to any physical therapy and orthopedic clinic with its multi-purpose medical technology. Our device’s patent-pending sensor technology provides quantifiable, in-depth metrics to inform your decisions for shoulder injury recovery. You can easily adjust the device to fit every patient’s needs by switching up the variable forces. Also, billing for treatment time is made simple with our device’s real-time data logging feature.

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