Revolutionizing Shoulder Rehabilitation for Orthopedic Surgeons

Explore how Humero Tech's state-of-the-art shoulder rehabilitation system can enhance your practice and improve patient outcomes.

Advanced Technology for Shoulder Recovery

Innovative Features

Looking for help isolating and targeting individual muscles in the shoulder but want to retain the ability to train large functional patterns? Look no further than this seated shoulder device! The Humero Tech C1 has adjustable elbow and wrist positioning components so trainers can customize the setup to fit each player’s recovery and strengthening needs.

Key Features
Dynamic Resistance Technology
Customizable Exercise Programs
Real-Time Performance Tracking
Joint Function and Stability
Objective Data Analysis
56in x 36in x 56in (Length, Width, Height)
60 lbs.

Benefits for Providers & Patients

Delivering Unparalleled Shoulder Recovery Results
Enhance your facility’s capabilities with a solution that offers:

Dynamic Resistance

Expansive Range of Motion With Dynamic Resistance.

Ease of Use

Intuitive design for seamless integration into your practice.

Precision Therapy

Tailored treatment that adapts to each stage of recovery.

Data-Driven Results

Track patient progress with actionable insights.

Discover the Benefits of the TitinKM Humero Tech C1

Data Driven Results
Our technology helps clinicians rehabilitate shoulder pathologies and track recovery with objective data.
Efficient Practice
Streamline your practice by utilizing our technology to make data-based decisions for better patient outcomes.

Use Objective Data to Gain a More Complete Understanding of the Shoulder

The Humero Tech C1 has the ability to easily assess the dynamic strength of shoulder motions. No longer rely on manual muscle testing and isometric contractions.

Redefining Shoulder Strength

Assessing dynamic strength is as easy as performing a shoulder motion against a resistance level

Easily Accessible Data

All patients will have an account where their data is stored and easily accessed