Humero Tech C1®

Empower Shoulder Patients

Seated Device

Data-Driven Recovery System

Start patients off strong in shoulder rehab with the Humero Tech C1. This seated model device helps support physical therapy and orthopedic clinic processes for shoulder recovery. You can easily adjust the device to fit patients’ strengthening needs by switching up the variable forces. Our device’s patent-pending sensor technology tracks patients’ work throughout sessions and provides in-depth metrics about their progress. The Humero Tech C1 also gives PTs useful functions to provide quality care, including real-time data logging. Enhance how you support patients through shoulder rehab with the C1.

Track Progress Step-By-Step

Rehab with a Plan

Shoulder recovery can be a tricky process for care practitioners and patients. Rehab can last for months, and it’s challenging to get solid data behind a patient’s progress. This can make it rough to provide solid, actionable decisions for shoulder treatment. The Humero Tech C1 changes the game with our innovative strength-building and sensor technology. Our shoulder device tracks patients’ efforts as they work through strength-based exercises. At the end of sessions, you get a set of in-depth metrics to help inform the next steps for recovery. Introduce a fresh start to how you approach shoulder recovery with the C1.

Humero Tech C1


Advanced Sensor Technology

Digital and optical sensors track a user’s exercises and assist in pinpointing any areas of improvement. The device uses 3-dimensional strength and range of motion mapping to log a user’s progression.

Straightforward Metrics

Our high-resolution color display helps guide users through directed exercises then supplies a statistical analysis of sessions. Performance metrics are uploaded to a secure server, which you can access remotely for additional monitoring.

Adjustable Arm & Wrist Positioning

Channel isolated muscles by adjusting the arm and wrist components to new positions.

Fluid Motion Movement & Resistance

The device’s iterative feedback hydraulic resistance mechanism allows for drag-free, fluid movement that is repeatable and balanced through sessions.

Personalize Your Device

Show your company or team’s spirit by customizing the device’s tower and cover to feature your signature colors, graphics, and logo.

Usability for Left & Right Shoulder

The device can be used ambidextrously, which allows for independent seclusion of the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis muscles.

Customizable Headrest & Seat

You can easily adjust the headrest and seat on the C1 to your comfort level.

Humero Tech C1



56in x 36in x 56in (Length, Width, Height)



Titin KM Biomedical C1 Model Rotator Cuff
Titin KM Biomedical C1 Model
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The Humero Tech C1 is a prime fit for orthopedic and physical therapy clinics looking to support shoulder patients in a fresh, data-driven way. Have questions about the C1? Check out our FAQs or speak to one of our professionals today.

  • How is the Humero Tech C1 different than the S1?

While the Humero Tech S1 is a standing model device, the C1 is a seated device. It can primarily be used by those looking for assistance isolating and targeting individual muscles in the shoulder.

  • How does the Humero Tech C1 help target individual shoulder muscles?

The Humero Tech C1 has adjustable elbow and wrist positioning components that allow PTs to customize the setup to fit a patient’s recovery and strengthening needs. The device also lets you adjust the resistance patients encounter as they work through strength-based exercises.

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