Humero Tech C1


The HUMERO TECH C1® is the Future of Shoulder Rehabilitation

Dynamic Strength Measurement & Range of Motion Assessment

Advanced sensor technology and Titin’s algorithms gives medical professionals a way to measure true joint power for the first time. No longer rely on manual muscle tests and dynamometry. 

Patient and PT doing Shoulder Rehab on Titin Biomedical Humero C1

Target Key Muscles for Joint Function and Stability

Advance rehabilitation with large functional movement patterns when ready.

Customize Your Exercise Program for Optimal Rehabilitation

Utilize predefined programs or upload a surgeon’s protocol for personalized rehabilitation. A vast exercise bank gives the ability to program unlimited treatment routines.

Transforming Shoulder Recovery

Experience the innovative Humero Tech C1 in person. This cutting-edge device revolutionizes shoulder rehabilitation, providing objective data and continuous omnidirectional resistance for better patient outcomes.

PT and Athlete working through exercise on Humero Tech C1®

Design & Features of the Humero Tech C1


Advanced Sensor Technology
Digital and optical sensors track a user’s exercises and assist in pinpointing any areas of improvement. The device uses 3-dimensional strength and range of motion mapping to log a user’s progression.
Straightforward Metrics
Our high-resolution color display helps guide users through directed exercises then supplies a statistical analysis of sessions. Performance metrics are uploaded to a secure server, which you can access remotely for additional monitoring.
Adjustable Arm & Wrist Positioning
Target isolated muscles by adjusting the arm and wrist components to new positions.
Fluid Motion Movement & Resistance
The device’s iterative feedback hydraulic resistance mechanism allows for drag-free, fluid movement that is repeatable and balanced through sessions.
Personalize Your Device
Show your company or team’s spirit by customizing the device’s tower and cover to feature your signature colors, graphics, and logo.
Usability For Left & Right Shoulder
The device can be used ambidextrously, which allows for independent seclusion of the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis muscles.
Customizable Headrest & Seat
You can easily adjust the headrest and seat on the C1 to your comfort level.
56in x 36in x 56in (Length, Width, Height)